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$10K Annual Salary

Tour Guide License Course

Why Tour Guide?

Six digit income, active and Passive

You decide your hours, part time or full time

Leadership, eloquence, teamwork, business development

Learn about the culture in whole country

Build connection with variety of people

Access to all tour operator resource, hotel, attraction and more

1, High Income-------------------
2,Adjustable Working Hours--
3,Skill Improvement------------     
4,Vision Enrichment -----------      
5,Connection Broaden----------      
6,Tourism Resource ------------

What We do

What is a Tour Guide?

Course Introduction

  • Embassoter of USA

  • Lecturer of History

  • Expert in Travel

  • Foodie of Different Cuisine

  • Leader in the group

  • Best Friend of customer

TSL is the entrance of the North American tourism industry; we help to train students to obtain the official tour guide license in the NYC, the operation of the tour, connect students with tourism resources and job recommendations. The TSL Guide Program is a fast and effective course for people who want to pursue a career in tourism. 


  • SSN or TAX ID

  • Over 18 years old

  • Responsibility 

  • Negotiation skill

  • Confidence

Gold Course


Star Tour Guide Instructer

Six Professional Course

Tourist Psychology Course

Mock Test

Official test Guide



Dimond Course


Gold Course

Attraction Master Course

Route Planning

Luxury Boutique Account

Tour Guide Leadership

On Site Training

Elite Tour Guide Course

Student Benifits

 —— Job Recommendation

——  Improve the competitiveness of business skills

——  Join Tour Guide Union and Guild

National Federation of Tour Guide Associations  (NFTGA), World Federation of Tour Guide Associations (WFTGA), the Guild of  Professional Tour Guides of Washington D.C., Guides Association of New York  City, San Francisco Tour Guide Guild (SFTGG) 

——  Professional business headshot

——  Resumes making

——  Improve business conversation skills

——  Evaluate and recommend the best route for each TSL student

——  Job recommendation for all TSL Student

——   Tourism industry resource sharing and annual convention

——  TSL continuous learning seminar

——   Provide the most comprehensive travel database in New York

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